The Best On The Market

Among the best air purifiers on the market of Home Air Guides is the Alen Breathesmart Portable Ionizer. The advanced technology found in this system detects airborne materials and adjusts its airflow accordingly to ensure that you will not breathe in a single one. This energy saving device decreases the need to change a filter often and saves money for the owner. Containing several layers of filters, this system is also incredibly quiet.

air purifiersThe IQAir Healthpro Plus is considered the best in the entire world, though. Regularly receiving awards and positive reviews, this purifier uses four filtration technologies referred to as the pre-max, the pre-stage, the V5 cell filter which contains 5 pounds of activated carbon, and the hyper HEPA professional grade filter. Airborne toxins are truly no match for this system.

A practical filter on the market that also works wonders is the Airfree P2000. This compact unit filters up to 550 square feet of space. Though requiring regular filter changes to ensure that it is serving its purpose, this system is practical for single people or small families.

Conclusively, clean air is essential for both healthy people and those who are suffering from respiratory conditions. The pollutants found in the air are harmful and exacerbate the symptoms of asthmatics, those with seasonal allergies, COPD sufferers, and those who suffer from emphysema. Air purifiers reduce the amount of these particles that reach your lungs, and some of them eliminate them from a space entirely.