Move Around St. Maarten

There is no problem traveling to the French side of the island, quickly and safely. The French side has a different character to it, and some people report that they enjoy the food in the fine French restaurants there, as well as visiting the topless beaches. Some tourists have warned that there is more petty crime on the French side, while others counter that it is quite safe. Another concern some people have is that the French side has many clothing-optional nude beaches. If nudity bothers you, stick to the beaches of the St. Maarten’s side, where public nudity is prohibited.

signFor more family-friendly activities, there is a zoo and for the more fit members of the family, zip line adventures. Go shopping in the many stores, where the all purchases are completely duty-free and there is no local sales tax. The grocery stores are said to be quite good.

You will not find a better place for sailing in all the Caribbean Sea than St. Maarten. If you arrive on a boat, you will find plenty of single-pay marinas to moor in. By boat you can view giant chalky bluffs towering over clean sandy beaches, with lots of rock coves teeming with colorful fish, great places to go snorkeling. You don’t need to learn a new language to hang out in St. Maarten’s, one of the coolest vacation venues serving the Caribbean.