indoor air purifiers


Why you should purchase the best air purifier for smoke? As levels of pollutants found in the air continue to escalate each day, it is crucial to utilize systems that will protect your overall wellbeing. The presence of respiratory illnesses have increased in humans and are not always the direct result of smoking. While it is no secret that smoking is bad, the illnesses affiliated with the habit such as COPD, bronchitis, and emphysema are becoming abundant in even non-smokers. The CDC reports that nearly 9 million people were diagnosed with bronchitis in 2015.This number is expected to rise throughout 2016 as the public grows increasingly sicker by the day. People are growing ill as a direct result of the particles in the air. Carcinogens, toxins, allergens, and organic pollutants fill the air every second of the day, and it is essential to start fighting back.

Air purifiers are systems that do exactly what their names entail; They purify the air. Offering a multitude of benefits, air purifiers improve the general respiratory health of those who use them and prolong lives as a result. Continuously breathing in the quality air that we are supposed to breathe reduces the amount of pollutants and toxins that you are exposed to.

While everyone reaps the benefits of these systems, asthmatics can especially bask in the glory of a cleaner air supply. The Mayo Clinic discusses the cons of ozone air purifiers, but declares the overall benefits associated with air filters in relation to asthmatics. These systems assist in removing harmful allergens in the air that trigger a reaction from those who suffer from this condition.

Among the best air purifiers on the market of is the Alen Breathesmart Portable Ionizer. The advanced technology found in this system detects airborne materials and adjusts its airflow accordingly to ensure that you will not breathe in a single one. This energy saving device decreases the need to change a filter often and saves money for the owner. Containing several layers of filters, this system is also incredibly quiet.

portable air purifierCapturing pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens in a filtration system before they reach your lungs alleviates the symptoms experienced by those with seasonal allergies, those who are prone to bronchitis, and anyone suffering from respiratory diseases. Additionally, and as according to the Humane Society of the United States, 15% of the population is allergic to animals. However, they then state that at least 1/3 of that percentage decides to live with animals anyways. Each one of these people suffers from runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throats, and headaches for the sake of remaining animal lovers. The use of an air purifier, however, captures pet dander and other particles found in fur that causes allergies and makes breathing a lot easier for pet owners.

Of course, some systems thrive and work wonders, but others fall flat. While all air purifiers promise to remove harmful particles from the air, some of them do not live up to that commitment.