Two Islands in One

This two-in-one island is also called St. Martin Island, because that is the French side, whereas Sint Maarten is the Dutch side of the island. Together they hold the world record for smallest land area co-occupied by different countries. Only about 60 miles East of the Virgin Islands, St. Maarten is the busier side when it comes to tourism. Dutch is spoken, but so is English. There are casinos where gambling is legal, many nightclubs with all types of music and dancing, and many interesting people from all over the world for you to meet. Cruise ships arrive regularly to keep the party going.

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Taking a vacation trip to St. Maarten is best done by cruise ship with a package deal. Of course, you could have a travel agency put an air travel package together and fly in by airliner. Plenty of vacation resorts, large modern hotels, and condo rentals are available. Private pilots arrive from as far away as Alaska, and charter flights fly from other islands, mostly from Peurto Rico. Some of the excursions available include flying island tours by helicopter or small plane.

This exotic island has a lot of entertainment to offer, with a very lively nightlife. Unlike some of the other islands in this area of the Caribbean, it is well policed and completely safe and secure. St. Maarten residents are proud to be so friendly it has become one of their main reputations. Everyone seems to know everyone and chatting with the residents will bring up many funny and heartwarming stories from their history.

Enjoy beautiful days of surf, sand, and sun, with lots of shopping opportunities and playful experiences. St. Maarten is situated on the Southern side of the island, with St. Martin filling the Northern half. To get the most out of your vacationing, rent a car! Value Car Rental offers safe and reliable vehicles at a reasonable price, we’ve provided the link for you here: ┬áThe nightlife is almost entirely in St. Maarten, which also has all the casinos, and generally feels more laid back and American style than the French side, which is much more staid and provincial.


While you are in St. Maarten, be sure to take advantage of the water sports, like scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and sailing. Many small businesses there will rent the necessary equipment to you for very reasonable fees. You might want to get a package deal that sometimes includes a guide to accompany you, training, and tours. For scuba diving, especially, you will want to take some coaching before attempting a dive on your own. The underwater park has old shipwrecks and growing coral reefs to visit by scuba diving. Or, take a catamaran boat tour with a group and see the coastal sights, living for a day like the proverbial Robinson Crusoe family.